ProfitBricks Cloud Storage

Double Redundant Storage of ProfitBricks – For Guaranteed Security

Thanks to InfiniBand network architecture with low latencies and extremely fast processing speeds of up to 2 x 40 Gbit/s and our very own highly efficient storage technology, ProfitBricks storage systems are among the fastest on the market. ProfitBricks offers both HDD Cloud Block storage as well as SSD storage and provides its customers with cost-effective, elastic and scalable cloud storage solutions for all applications.

To provide you with the maximum performance of SDD drives, we have extensively tested various SSD drives from all the reputable manufacturers and adapted our storage technology to the specific characteristics of SSD drives. As you have come to expect from ProfitBricks, our price for both HDD Cloud Block storage and SSD storage is based on a fair model in which customers pay only for actually used and freely combinable storage space volumes. In this case, a sophisticated feature applies to SSD storage. The performance of the storage used depends on its size. In other words, the more SSD storage is reserved, the greater the performance the customer receives.
ProfitBricks HDD and SSD Storage

HDD or SSD? It depends.

ProfitBricks guarantees customers 50 and 30 IOPS respectively per 1 GB of SSD storage (full random read and write speed). SSD storage can be reserved in memory sizes from 10 Gbyte all the way to 2 Tbyte. A generous 50 IOPs are available per Gbyte; this extends to an upper limit of 15,000 IOPs. It is even possible to mix the storage space between HDD and SSD – also retrospectively, either using our Data Center Designer (DCD) GUI or directly using the Cloud API.

For storage space requirements that are subject to greater fluctuations during retrieval and typically require higher random IOPS, customers regularly select SSD storage. However, when it comes to more sequential bandwidth, HDD Cloud Block storage is the better choice. If the customer opts for HDD Cloud Block storage, up to 8 storage devices with capacities between 10 GB and 16 TB per virtual server can be connected.