Cloud Computing five reasons

Taking your future into your own hands: Five good reasons for IaaS 2.0 from Profitbricks.

Let’s talk about your business. You have high standards – you want to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. You don’t want to take any unnecessary risks and you want to be and stay economically flexible. And you place value on quality, service and security. For you and your customers.

That’s why you need a working, flexible IT infrastructure. The best deal for you would be cloud computing from Germany. You reduce costs. You save time. You don’t tie up any capital. You and your customers enjoy German data protection laws. Your 24/7 service comes from Germany. Welcome to the world of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 2.0 from ProfitBricks.

Cost Calculator Cloud Computing

Just pay for what you actually need. Nothing else is charged.

The first surprise from ProfitBricks cloud computing – with IaaS 2.0, you reduce your costs and increase your flexibility, as you don’t have any more fixed costs for hardware and no diffuse maintenance costs. You use and pay for exactly the service you need.

In addition, you have ProfitBricks’ fair, transparent pricing model. Each element of your virtual data center has a clearly defined price point. That’s including maintenance and 24/7 support. Everything is charged to the exact minute, without any minimum contract periods or setup fees. You can see precisely what costs you are going to incur at the point when you configure your new data center.

Capacity Cloud Computing

Capacity at the touch of a button: With the ProfitBricks Data Center Designer, you've got an advantage right from the start.

Up to now, entry into the world of cloud computing has been relatively complicated. Because first generation cloud computing is simply in its own world. Your familiar concept of an IT infrastructure with its own hardware didn’t really fit in with it. And it didn’t fit in with your business. That’s going to change now.

ProfitBricks IaaS 2.0 frees you from all cumbersome pressures to adapt. With our unique graphical Data Center Designer (DCD), your IT experts can click together a virtual data center that suits you. Either as a replacement and copy of your previous data center or a completely new one. A few minutes later, complete computing power is available. That’s how we do things today. You can change your configuration just as quickly. Even during operation, using Live Vertical Scaling, and without restarting your systems. From now on, the technology will adapt to your requirements, and not the other way round.

"Our clients set very high standards for their own products. What they need is an infrastructure flexible to configure and scalable, which we can offer through ProfitBricks. Especially the ProfitBricks Data Center Designer gives us the opportunity to create and manage custom-made virtual data centers that exactly meet our customers' requirements. This is an advantage that everyone appreciates."

Andreas Eschler, General Manager, Netgrow UG

Cloud Technology

The best hardware is the hardware you don't buy.

When you plan your business today, you need to decide what hardware to buy and how much. Without knowing how much you will actually need in the next one or two years. That can cause you unnecessary headaches. Will the equipment you have chosen be sufficient or is it even too much? Are you going to be sitting on “dead” capital, which you might be missing somewhere else?

Forget it. ProfitBricks IaaS 2.0 gives you exactly the IT capacity and performance that you require to provide optimum support for your business. There are no bottlenecks or unnecessary defects that could thwart you. Guaranteed.

Your IT costs belong 100% to your ongoing operating costs. This gives you the decisive advantage for your liquidity and thus more flexibility for your business. It works. And you can sleep well.

Cloud Hosting From Germany

Competence from Germany enjoys a good reputation, and rightly so. We prove it.

Cloud computing made in Germany. It’s best to be on the safe side. With a partner who is located in Germany operating under German law, and whom you can meet on an equal footing. An IaaS offer that has been developed in Germany is perfectly matched to meet the conditions of the domestic and European markets. The strict German data protection conditions protect you and your customers.

So put your trust in ProfitBricks, the IaaS 2.0 provider from Germany. We develop and operate our data center here. Our 24/7 support speaks both German and English.

"Charity campaigns do very much co-relate to certain activities and occasions. Hence our workload on our infrastructure varies quite heavily, e.g. at Christmas time. Consequently, we need a solution quick and simple to manage and flexible to scale like ProfitBricks."

Jannick Weyrich, Founder and CTO, Particulate Solutions GmbH

Cloud Computing Experts

Choose outstanding technology. And people who give everything.

Only the perfect interaction between man and machine ensures that you have optimum support for your business. As you do with us.

Let’s stay for a moment with technology. At ProfitBricks, you have access to systems that belong to the Champions League of data center technology in terms of technical standards. There’s no comparison with the normal servers that you otherwise buy.

Of course, the systems are multiply redundant, so that your operation is not jeopardized by unnecessary downtimes and defects. When we connect systems, we also use technology known from high-performance computing. And because we operate data centers at various different locations, you can also construct high-availability solutions with our products.

However, this technology also needs to be protected. Our own security team is firmly committed to ensuring secure transmission paths, secure access and data security. Our support team speaks German and English. And they know what they’re talking about – these are not call center agents, but trained and experienced system administrators. Exclusively.