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About ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks is a globally operating company in the hosting industry that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions based on cloud technology to professional users. ProfitBricks founder and industry veteran Achim Weiß assembled an international team of around 50 engineers from various specialist fields in 2010 in Berlin. Over the next two years, the IT experts together developed the next generation of hosting based on the latest cloud technologies – the virtual data center on a cost-effective rental basis.

Core Technology Choice
ProfitBricks Intel®-Cores

The new Intel® processors at ProfitBricks owe their high performance chracteristics to the Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. Each Intel® Core is assigned a so-called hyper-thread, which enables parallelized workloads by exploiting free processor cycles. Adding Intel® processors to the CPU architectures that are available at ProfitBricks means you can now choose between Intel® cores and AMD cores for each of your virtual instances.

Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt
10/11/2015 | Frankfurt
What is the difference between Shut down and "Power → Stop"?

If the operating system of the virtual machine is shut down, the VM on the ProfitBricks data center side is bound to the hardware resources. This means that they will be charged. To avoid this, the VM must be turned off via "Inspector → Power → Stop". Previously unused RAM and Cores of the VM incur no further charges. Please note that all occupied storage will continue to be billed.


Secure Sockets Layer

Description of predecessor of TLS (Transport Layer Security), a hybrid encryption protocol for secure data transmission in the Internet, which has been called TLS since Version 3.0.


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