Case Studies

Learn more about the benefits of ProfitBricks in real world examples.

Elastic High Performance Computing in the Cloud at the Geneva Finance Research Institute

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UberSimple Gets Live Vertical Scaling - Fast and Easy with No Downtime or Reboot

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Robust, Agile Back-End and Better Performance Lets NPS Focus on Customers

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ISV reduces capital expenditure while increasing business productivity, scalability, and ease of use for SaaS with ProfitBricks Cloud Computing,

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Tomorrowish is inspired by a love of social media conversation and lives that are too busy to catch TV shows and events as they happened live. They allow people to enjoy all the conversations online and add more value to those conversations.

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About ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks is a globally operating company in the hosting industry that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions based on cloud technology to professional users. ProfitBricks founder and industry veteran Achim Weiß assembled an international team of around 50 engineers from various specialist fields in 2010 in Berlin. Over the next two years, the IT experts together developed the next generation of hosting based on the latest cloud technologies – the virtual data center on a cost-effective rental basis.

Technical Paper
An Introduction to ProfitBricks VDC

In the future, it will be difficult for IT service providers to avoid the subject of cloud computing. Still regarded as an innovation, these flexible IT services tailored to user requirements will become more widespread over the next 10 years.


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