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June 2016

April 2015

The libraries currently include LibCloud, a unified API for cloud control; Fog, a Ruby cloud services library; and jclouds, a Java cloud library. Further libraries will be added to DevOps Central over the coming months. The new Python SDK, based on the REST API, offers support for all API functions. In creating this community platform, the IaaS provider ProfitBricks emphasises its commitment to simplifying the automation of cloud applications.

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September 2014

ProfitBricks offers their customers a second generation flexible, scalable and high performance Infrastructure as a Service platform. Customers are able to book and run Cloud resources quickly and easily while benefitting from advanced technologies from the supercomputing world, such as InfiniBand for data transfer instead of the more common Ethernet connections. ProfitBricks opened this Frankfurt data center to better handle the incredible growth of the last year while continuing to offer their customers the highest standards in flexibility and security.

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July 2013

May 2013

ProfitBricks’ own network stack can dynamically assign the address to any VM in the network and provides the industry’s first implementation of high availability functionality – the same as can be configured in on-premise data centers. ProfitBricks’ dynamic routing provides maximum reliability of the virtual infrastructure, which is different from standard networks where the IPv4 address is assigned to a specific virtual machine.

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March 2013

The investment comes as ProfitBricks accelerates the pace of change in cloud computing. In 2012 the company established its U.S. headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. and launched its cloud 2.0 offering, including live vertical scaling and the industry's first Data Center Design tool. ProfitBricks used InfiniBand based network technology to bring high performance computing capabilities to the cloud and offer a better price-performance ratio than the major cloud computing providers. ProfitBricks also introduced the first true minute-based billing to the cloud.

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September 2012

Using live vertical scaling, companies can increase the performance of virtual servers in their virtual ProfitBricks data center without interrupting operation or having to restart. This increase in performance for processors and RAM is achieved by using a slide controller on the graphical user interface, in ongoing server operation, making it available at short notice. ProfitBricks customers can thus react to unforeseen load peaks, without having to shut down the respective servers and thus risk longer periods of downtime or a collapse of the infrastructure.

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July 2012

“Mellanox’s InfiniBand interconnect solutions offer unprecedented performance that enables us to achieve transmission speeds 8X faster than current Ethernet standards permit,” said Achim Weiss company founder and CEO of ProfitBricks. “The collaboration between Mellanox and ProfitBricks has resulted in a high-performance Cloud IaaS solution platform at a low cost on which service providers can utilize for large-scale virtualization initiatives and cloud deployments.”

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“As far as performance, flexibility and scalability are concerned, our IaaS offering has been hitherto unrivalled, not just in Germany, but also in the North American market. By expanding to the USA, we will be tapping into new customer segments and guaranteeing improved availability of web applications for intercontinentally operating customers“, says ProfitBricks founder Achim Weiß.

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May 2012

ProfitBricks‘ IaaS solution has taken two years to develop. “During this time, we have been working at full capacity on a system that will set new standards in the field of hosting. We have reached this goal“, explains company founder and ProfitBricks CEO Achim Weiß, whose name has stood for creative ideas and solutions for many years. Under his management, for example, the hosting infrastructure of Schlund+Partner, which became 1&1, the video on-demand platform from Maxdome and the mailing systems for GMX and web.de were created. “However, one of my most exciting projects has been the implementation of the ProfitBricks technology“, says Weiß.

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July 2011

Because we believe in open source. We've long recognized the importance of a living open source and free software community for the IT world. Right from the start, we've focused on Debian – both as a core infrastructure in-house as well as for our product.

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May 2011

ProfitBricks GmbH's Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering is distinguished by a maximum amount of security, availability and flexibility - and all at an unbeatable budget price. The reason is that the company founders Weiß and Gauger know the users' needs in detail. "Our data centers are in Germany and are equipped with redundant systems, for which we guarantee failover". Users receive every conceivable configuration in a matter of minutes, regardless of whether they require one small server or an entire data center.

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October 2010

ProfitBricks was founded by former 1&1 Management Board members Andreas Gauger and Achim Weiß, two "hosting veterans" with over 15 years' experience in the telecommunications and webhosting sector. The company's objective is to develop innovative, powerful cloud applications and complex cloud-server infrastructures and thus high-performance, so-called infrastructure-as-a-service solutions (IaaS). The target group comprises developers and internet providers who will be able to create and operate their own products and applications for customers based on the ProfitBricks solutions. The products of ProfitBricks are currently being developed and designed from scratch by a top developer team led by former 1&1 CTO Achim Weiß and are expected to be ready in spring 2011.

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About ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks is a globally operating company in the hosting industry that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions based on cloud technology to professional users. ProfitBricks founder and industry veteran Achim Weiß assembled an international team of around 50 engineers from various specialist fields in 2010 in Berlin. Over the next two years, the IT experts together developed the next generation of hosting based on the latest cloud technologies – the virtual data center on a cost-effective rental basis.

Core Technology Choice
ProfitBricks Intel®-Cores

The new Intel® processors at ProfitBricks owe their high performance chracteristics to the Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. Each Intel® Core is assigned a so-called hyper-thread, which enables parallelized workloads by exploiting free processor cycles. Adding Intel® processors to the CPU architectures that are available at ProfitBricks means you can now choose between Intel® cores and AMD cores for each of your virtual instances.

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